Mar. 18th, 2010 10:39 am
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Is that really all Kishimoto thinks of her? Really? After all the improvements she's made, and all the glimpses of her awesome potential, she is once again relegated to a teary-eyed fangirl watching from the sidelines? And worst of all? It's what she "chooses" to be. Sadly, I cant even say I didn't see it coming.

I firmly believe it now. He hates Sakura. He doesn't like any of the other females either, but Sakura? Hates. If Naruto represents him, and Sasuke his childhood BFF/rival, then Sakura must be the girl who repeatedly turned him down, and not very nicely. This is his revenge.

I'm so fed up I can't even be angry anymore. If I hadn't invested too much time and effort into this series to not see how it ends, I would have quit already.
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Nothing like a healthy dose of character assassination to brighten my day.

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I finished the series, after a crazy week long marathon. Overall I loved it. I love stories where everything is connected and has a purpose (Lost is another one of my favorite shows) and when its all over you can look back and see it all fall together. I really think its one of the best shows ever aired, for the many messages it conveys as well as the depth of the characters that makes us truly care for them - even the bad ones. Its so rare to have such a large cast of characters and have almost every one of them invoke real feelings in the audience. BSG is one of the most emotionally impacting shows I've ever watched. There were times - especially season 3 - when everything was so screwed up, but in the end I'm mostly happy with the way it all turned out.

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