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Jul. 20th, 2009 04:24 pm
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I came up with this little plot bunny a long time ago, and pieces of it have been sitting on my hard drive for months now, so I figured I'd write it up properly and post it. It's kind of my farewell to DeiSaku, because even though I love that pairing, I doubt I will ever write another fic for them.

Hope you all enjoy. : )

Title: Moments in the Dark
Pairing: Deidara/Sakura
Rating: M
Summary: They never discuss it, never talk about why or when or how long it will continue. In a way, it’s better like this. The not knowing. The spontaneity and unstructured passion of their forbidden trysts. These secret moments in the dark.

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This is the master post for Vertigo and all of the illustrations that go with it.

Author: Cynchick 
Pairing: Deidara x Sakura
Rating: M
Summary: Sakura accepts the most critical and dangerous mission of her life, but the price of success may very well be her soul. When your entire world turns upside down, how do you keep from going under?


And here are all of the illustrations for the fic. Red links indicate mature-themed artwork containing nudity or adult content.

Hot Sake
The Space Between
Deidara: Temptation
Because I Have You
This Perfect Imperfection
You Shouldn't Love Me
My Hope
For You
Happy Ending

all characters are intended to be and are depicted as legal adults.
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Here's the second in the semi-realism portrait series: Deidara! Next on the list is Kakashi, then Itachi, then I don't know.

Doing the detail on his hair just about gave me carpel tunnel, but it was worth the pain. XD

Worksafe. Hope you like!

Semi-Realism: Deidara

There's a bigger version at DA if you want to see WAY close up.
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The latest chapter of

[personal profile] korinacaffeine's fic Found really moved and inspired me, so I just had to capture my favorite moment from the chapter. 

Loves to Korina, for writing awesomeness. =DDD




or at DA.
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This is the master post for Silver Lining and all of the artwork that goes with it.

Silver Lining at
Silver Lining at

Pairing: Deidara/Sakura
Rating: M
Summary: Sequel to Perception. Eight years ago they said goodbye forever. Now, when they have both lost everything, fate has thrown them together again in the most unlikely of ways.

And here are all of the illustrations for the fic. Red links indicate mature themed artwork containing nudity or adult content.

Lost in the Moment
After the Storm
Whatever It Takes
Recognizing Love
What I Never Dreamed Of
The Silver Lining

all characters are intended to be and depicted as legal adults
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I have another DeiSaku fanart for yous guys, this time its not from my fic but a gift for  [personal profile] korinacaffeinefor her awesome fic Found

Hope this inspires you Korina! <3

Worksafe, btw.

also at deviantArt
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So one day I was bored and felt like drawing something rather than work on my fic like I should, and I didnt want to do any fanart for the I came up with this. Which eventually turned into a full on project of Gratuitous Shirtless Sexy Bishounen art. First up...Deidara, because I was fangirling him at that moment. This will be a multi-fandom project, of any sexy bishie I can think of manage to draw. I have a few planned, but I'll take requests too. 

Also at Deviant Art


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