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Zomg I updated the Rec List! Its been like....9 months. Lol. Terrible.

I added 29 new fics (though some arent really new anymore, its been so long...)

I also removed several really good fics because they were abandoned/discontinued. Shame on the authors!

There are some really excellent ones this time, so definitely take a look. ;D

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Finally got around to updating the rec list again with 15 new fics. Really good stuff this time; a couple of them are new favorites. Also took off a few that were abandoned or just didn't meet standard anymore.

Updated List

Also, I did a big cleanup of my entire journal today. I removed many old posts, most of the old memes, and I consolidated all of the chapter posts and illustration posts for my older, completed fics because it makes it easier if its all in one place. Once Vertigo is complete I'll make  a master post for it too.

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This is my Naruto fanfiction reccomended reading list. The list is mostly for my own reference, but I'm happy to share what I think are some of the best naruto fics out there with anyone who wants to read them. 

Who likes to read??? )Things to Know About This List:

1. I don't list discontinued or abandoned fics, so others who read it won't be disappointed like I was. If a fic on this list goes without update for a year or is labeled abandoned/hiatus by the author it will be removed. I only read het fics. I also don't read high school or vampire fics, and "real world" AU's are very rare.

2. There are no ratings listed, but most are rated T-M, and many contain lemons. Regardless of the smut factor, I've found that higher rated fics tend to be more mature and have better plot and character development. Besides, sex happens, and I'm an adult that can deal with that. If you're not, or can't, then don't read them. 

3. I update the list periodically as I find new fics, and new entries will be marked in a different color. Completed fics are marked with an asterisk.

That being said....On to the List!

green asterisk = completed fics
magenta = my personal favorites
blue = new additions

Who likes to read??? )


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