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Told you I would make up for lost time. XD

A Long Time Coming )
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It's been a long time, I know. I plan to start making up for that soon.

Hope you like.

Sakura & Shiko )

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This week at [info]kakasaku there's a challenge with the prompt "peaches."  I just had to participate because the idea that came to mind was so juicy - har har. Worksafe? - mostly. XD

I could eat a peach for hours.... )
Also at DA

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This is prize art for [ profile] pockyphoto who won the Poe Challenge at [ profile] kakasaku .  The theme of the contest was the works of Edgar Allen Poe, hence the dark and melancholy mood. XD

Ether of Sighs )
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So here's the first illustration from Will of Fire! What's up with the title? If you've read ch 10 you know. XD Spoilers for the chapter.

Hawt, but worksafe. No Drooling )
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More character sketches from Will of Fire - this time Kakashi and Genma!

this way for sexiness )
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This is my submission for the  [ profile] kakasaku Tarot contest. I got a little carried away as usual. XD

The Empress )


Nov. 5th, 2010 06:09 pm
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It's been a long time since I posted anything art-related. In fact I haven't done much in the way of art at all this year, and that's not cool. There are several illustrations from Will of Fire in the works, but I really wanted to draw some KakaSaku and I couldn't wait that long. XD

Click for KakaSaku! )
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I actually meant to do more for this story than I did, but I just didn't have the time. I tried to make up for it with this last one. :)

Work Safe. Hope you like.
Vespertine! )
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And now for something completely different.

Ive been wanting to do some non-Naruto stuff for a while, so here's the first based on the poll I did.
Sanguine Secrets )

Bigger version at DA

edit: so apparently no one on my flist likes Vampire Knight. Which I know isnt true, but... Lol.

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Finally got around to doing another semi-realism portrait. I was inspired by the awesome creepy hotness that is Gaara, and his return to the manga. XD

Gaara! )

Check out  DA for a bigger, high res version.

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This meme has been going around at deviantART and I really liked the idea, so I gave it a shot with my OTP. Semi-worksafe. :D

Click! )
Full sized version at DA
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It's been a while since I did Pein/Konan art. Worksafe. :D

Take Away Your Pain )
Also at DA
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This is for my 100k pageview kiriban at deviant art. My watchers voted for what they wanted and KakaSaku won by an extremely small margin. This is my first fully digital picture too. Thanks [ profile] thefuzzyhat for late night help with Photoshop. XD

Shinobi Love

or at DA
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New illustration for Vespertine, from chapter 8. Worksafe.  Hope everyone likes.

The Blurred Line. )
Also at DA.
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Vespertine has art now! This is just something I drew up real quick from ch. 6. It was a cute moment. XD

Dont resist it, Itachi...... )


May. 8th, 2009 11:14 am
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I've entered a fanart contest over at Narutofan - the KakaSaku Classical Fanart Contest. The theme was to create a Naru-fied interpretation of a classical museum quality art piece. It had to feature a couple, and that couple had to be KakaSaku.

The classical piece I've interpreted is 'The Three Ages of Man' by Titian
. The symbolism of the painting is the full spectrum of human life - youth/innocence, maturtiy/love, and old age/death. In my interpretation I've kept the same symbolism; the innocence of the animals, who are childlike in nature, the love and intimacy between Kakashi and Sakura, and the darkness and despair of death. I think these themes are a big part of the Naruto universe and I thought the aftermath of a shinobi battle was a good way to represent that.

Here is
my submission.

The contest is
here. Vote for your favorite and the one which best represents the concept of its source, but of course I'd love you to vote for me! Voting is open until May 15th. Show me some love!

/end pimpage

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This is the fanart dedicated to the memory of Serenanna, a good friend and very talented writer who passed this February.

I had done two illustrations in the past for Sere's fic Dirty Deeds, and a while back she asked me to do one more, of this scene where Kakashi and Sakura are dancing the waltz. She wanted me to do it when the fic was completed, as an incentive for her to hurry up and finish it. Although the story will never be finished, I wanted to do this for her.

Sere had a degree in fashion design and was very passionate about designing and making clothes. She was very proud of the dress she designed for Sakura to wear in this scene and wanted everyone to see her wearing it. We talked often over MSN and discussed Sakura's costumes in detail, even down to what type of underwear she (and of course Kakashi) should wear. Lol.

I had to add this because I think it's important. When I did that pic of Genma/Ino for DD way back when, Sere told me the song that inspired that scene in the nightclub was 'Angel' by Massive Attack (which is actually one of my fave groups). I listened to that song on repeat while I was doing that piece for her.

The funny thing is, today, just as I went to post this new picture, that song came on my player...

It felt like that was her way of telling me she liked it.

This is for you, Sarah. Wherever you are, I hope you're smiling and squeeing over how hot Kakashi looks in a tux. :D

The Denial Waltz )
also here at DA


Mar. 3rd, 2009 04:49 pm
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I've never done NaruHina, but I had to after Hinata's fiercely glorious moment.

I would caution for spoilers, but Im sure everyone already knows..... )

DA link


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