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Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

I had this one in mind anyway, but ironically, some of the things I've been posting about lately make this rec relevant and necessary. The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. In my opinion this is the best vampire series currently being written. Its everything a vampire story should be, without all the cliches. Rose is a strong and charming heroine that everyone can identify with. Its a bestselling series, but I'm honestly surprised its not more famous. It blows Twilight out of the water in terms of plot, characterization, and overall skill on the author's part, and its targeted at a similar audience.

I actually want to recommend all of Richelle Mead's work. She has two other urban fantasy series that are geared toward adults. All of her protags are strong, fiesty, independent women with very relatable personalities and traits. Her plots are engaging and well thought out. Her writing style is very real and down to earth, which I think is why we can all put ourselves in the heroine's shoes.

I'm currently reading the new, 4th book of the VA series (will probably finish today). If anyone has read them, or reads them soon, I'd love to discuss them with you! :D


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