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This is the fanart dedicated to the memory of Serenanna, a good friend and very talented writer who passed this February.

I had done two illustrations in the past for Sere's fic Dirty Deeds, and a while back she asked me to do one more, of this scene where Kakashi and Sakura are dancing the waltz. She wanted me to do it when the fic was completed, as an incentive for her to hurry up and finish it. Although the story will never be finished, I wanted to do this for her.

Sere had a degree in fashion design and was very passionate about designing and making clothes. She was very proud of the dress she designed for Sakura to wear in this scene and wanted everyone to see her wearing it. We talked often over MSN and discussed Sakura's costumes in detail, even down to what type of underwear she (and of course Kakashi) should wear. Lol.

I had to add this because I think it's important. When I did that pic of Genma/Ino for DD way back when, Sere told me the song that inspired that scene in the nightclub was 'Angel' by Massive Attack (which is actually one of my fave groups). I listened to that song on repeat while I was doing that piece for her.

The funny thing is, today, just as I went to post this new picture, that song came on my player...

It felt like that was her way of telling me she liked it.

This is for you, Sarah. Wherever you are, I hope you're smiling and squeeing over how hot Kakashi looks in a tux. :D

The Denial Waltz )
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A few of my f-list may have already heard the news. I recieved an e-mail this morning from the family of [ profile] serenanna , letting her friends know that she had passed away on February 22 of a severe case of pneumonia. I knew she was having health problems, but last I heard she was doing okay.

Her funeral was yesterday. She was 25. Its so shocking not only because she was a friend, but she was so young... She was younger than I am, and its scary to think about.

Sere was very well known in the KakaSaku corner of fandom. For anyone who may not know, she was the author of Dirty Deeds, Coming Clean, and The Way of the Sword.  She was also well known in the FMA fandom for her Roy/Riza and EdWin fics. If anyone has not read her work, I encourage you to do so because she was truly talented. You can find her fics here.

I've been speaking with a mutual friend, [ profile] cultofdecay , who was Sarah's beta. Writing was her passion, and we believe she would want her final chapters published so that her many fans could experience as much of her wonderful story as they can. An attempt is being made to publish the last of her work for her.

I also had an agreement with Sere to do a fanart for Dirty Deeds once the fic was complete, as a motivation to her to finish it. We talked about the specifications and decided exactly what the picture would be. Sadly, the fic will never be finished, but I will do the fanart anyway as a dedication to her memory.

She was a sweet and very talented girl, one of the most talented fanfiction authors I've known. She leaves a legacy of great storytelling behind, and her friends and fans will miss her very much.


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